Strada Public Viewpoint Webinar Part 5 - Shared screen with gallery view
Kylee Fuller
Good afternoon! Thank you for joining us today for this important discussion. A few key items to note:-Please feel free to add any questions you may have in the Q&A field and we will do our best to answer them throughout the session-We would love to hear who is in the audience today, please feel free to share your name, title, and organization in this chat box-All content and previous survey results can be found on stradaeducation.org/publicviewpoint-A recording of this session will be viewable on the JFF Horizons site and also on stradaeducation.org/publicviewpoint within 24 hours
Will the slides be made available?
P. Jacob Lipp
Hello. I'm Jacob Lipp - Director of University Advancement at the University of Houston-Downtown.
Carrie Samson
Hi Jane. Yes! They are available on our website https://www.stradaeducation.org/publicviewpoint/
Kathy Dickson
Kathy Dickson, Apprenticeship Carolina (SC), Apprenticeship Consultant
Stephanie Valadez
Agree, can we receive a copy of the slides please?
Carrie Samson
Hi Jane - yes, they are available on our website: https://www.stradaeducation.org/publicviewpoint/
Carrie Samson
Hi Stephanie - Yes, the slides are available on our website: https://www.stradaeducation.org/publicviewpoint/
Carrie Samson
Happy to be of service!
Marie Toft
Its on line using this website: click on report. https://www.stradaeducation.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Public-Viewpoint-Charts-Week-9.pdf
Tom Allison - Virginia
Hi Miles - Thanks for sharing your perspective; Given that campus life will still be partially disrupted in the fall, are you or your peers looking for discounts in tuition, fees, or other costs?
Andrew Hanson
Hi Brianna: yes, we do ask our survey respondents which career they are interested in pursuing which happens to be the subject of our next analysis and webinar in two weeks (June 24). Stay tuned!
Tom Allison - Virginia
Nicole - Any speculation as to why African American and Latinx respondents would be more interested in a degree than whites? Political ideology or perhaps white respondents already have a degree?
Dave Clayton
Hi Tom - Dave Clayton here. Appreciate your interest and the entire SCHEV team. I mentioned to Peter a few weeks ago that our team would be happy to do a briefing and discussion directly with you all if helpful. Let’s see if Nichole gets a chance to speak up to your question - its a good one and she did some break out on it in her preparation.
Tom Allison - Virginia
Thank you so much, especially to Miles for sharing his perspective and to the organizers for prioritizing student perspective.
Tom Allison - Virginia
I wrote this in 2014 https://younginvincibles.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Closing_the_Race_Gap_Ntnl_6.25.14.pdf
Stephanie Valadez
Thanks for highlighting that Michael.