Strada Public Viewpoint Webinar: COVID-19 Work & Education Survey, Part 2 - Shared screen with speaker view
Kylee Fuller
Thanks for joining us today for part 2 of the Strada Public Viewpoint Webinar Series. We are joined by two very special guests, Deborah Santiago, Co-Founder & CEO of Excelencia in Education and also Brian K. Bridges, Vice President of Research and Membership Engagement at UNCF.A few quick items to note for today’s webinar:-Please use the Q&A box for any questions you would like to ask our speakers today-All attendees are automatically muted, and video is turned off-To access the content from today’s webinar and the latest research findings please visit: stradaeducation.org/publicviewpoint-This webinar will be recorded and uploaded to the Public Viewpoint website mentioned above. You can access the recording within 24 hours
Kimberly Underwood
Kimberly Underwood, University of Phoenix- was the online education preference cross referenced with access to internet/technology?
Kylee Fuller
Hey Andrea, I noticed your hand was raised. Is there something we can help with? If you have a question, please place it in the Q&A box and we will do our best to answer it as soon as we can.
Jenna Talbot
Kim Reed, as in Kim Hunter Reed? Perfect time to ask your question! :)
Carrie Samson
Hi Phyllis, we are tracking age data as well!
Jenna Talbot
Glad you could join us!
Jill List
Thank you all, look forward to hearing more.